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The rhythm of the famous “Macarena” is back, once again, in the Basque Country. Los del Río performed one of their concerts this summer in  Barakaldo  this past August 30th.


An irreplicable scene: The Sevillan duo came together in celebration of the sport to participate in the activities of the FIBA World Basketball World Cup in which Spain is competing. And one of the main locations is in Barakaldo.


The Fan Zone stage in the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) filled up to the sound of the duo's music who were received in the most fashionable way possible by the Basque public. Hundreds of people danced to the beat of the Macarena and chanted “Barakaldo tiene un color especial” (Barakaldo is a special place), chiming in with the voices of Antonio and Rafael during a night of festivities on and off the court.


Los del Río, who were accompanied on stage by musical group, “Machukamba”, thanked the public from Barakaldo for being such a great crowd by performing the best of their musical repertoire, to celebrate their 50th anniversary in the Basque Country as well.


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