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The dynamic duo born and raised in Dos Hermanas, Los del Río, returned to take center stage on their old stomping grounds to put the golden touch on the Dos Hermanas Town Fair 2014 with an exciting concert. And they went all out with their most successful hits to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their artistic career. 


Antonio Romero and Rafael Ruiz closed the fair's musical performances in the Municipal Tent with hit songs like “Sevilla tiene un color especial” (Sevilla has its own special color) and “Macarena”, to which the considerably large public that congregated in the area to see them perform responded with a standing ovation.


“Machukamba”, the threesome made up of sons and daughters of Los del Río. accompanied their fathers throughout the performance.


Surrounded by fans, the Dos Hermanas duo expressed their gratitude for the unconditional support, and both were excited to return to sing in their home town. At the end of the show, Antonio and Rafael thanked Dos Hermanas “for giving them so much” and assured that they were pleased to be back. 


+34 659 854 848 Cédric Volkman Robineau-Bourgneuf (internat.)
+34 649 049 477 Rafael Ruiz (national)