Ayy Macarena

Hip-Hop / Rap

LOS DEL RÍO and Tygar release a video with a version of 'Macarena'.
The video clip of 'Ayy Macarena' has just been released and, how could it be otherwise, includes a stellar cameo by Antonio Romero Monge and Rafael Ruiz Perdigones. Both appear in gangster dresses, while the video also makes use of a very explicit reference to the movie 'The Mask'.
Although according to the Los del Río account there are almost 5,000 different versions of Macarena, this is one of the few times in which they have been invited to participate in the video of the song, which in 2018 was designated as one of the most important themes of Latin music by the Association of Latin Composers of the United States.

#AyyMacarena #MacarenaChallenge

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