Pregón a la Esperanza

Seville Municipal Symphony band

LOS DEL RÍO, accompanied by the Municipal Symphonic Band of Seville, presented the march ‘Pregón a la Esperanza’ at the Cajasol Foundation Theater. They also perfomed some of their most popular songs dedicated to the city of Seville, like "Sevillanía", "Sevilla tiene un color especial" and the unpublished sevillanas "Macarena" and "Trianera”, both composed by Antonio Romero.
The "Pregón a la Esperanza" march is composed by Antonio Romero and the musical adaptation for the band was carried out by José Ramón Lozano Garrido.
This successful staging was introduced by Cristobal Cervantes.

Numerous guests attended this event, such as Juan Ignacio Zoido, Francisco Herrero, Carmen Tello, Enrique Miguel Rodríguez, Curro Romero, Paco Lola, José Castro Carmona. It was introduced by Cristóbal Cervantes.

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